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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

a little bit about me...

hi.  my name is angelica, but a lot of people (mostly my close friends and family) just call me gel.  i am a 24 year old college senior majoring in english literature.  i could not imagine majoring in anything else.  i'm not sure what i plan on doing once i get my b.a., but graduate school is definitely the next step on my journey.  i've been with the boyfriend since august 2004.  i love him.  i make youtube videos for fun, but rarely have the time to post often.  

things i love:
  • getting lost in a good book
  • cupcakes
  • naps
  • my cats, awesomo and nijel
  • coffee
  • the boyfriend
  • disneyland
  • world of warcraft
interesting facts:
  • i have the word "cupcake" tattooed on the back of my right shoulder.  it means a lot to me because my grandpa's nickname for me before he passed was Cupcake.  <3


what is your ethnic background?
my mom is from vietnam, but she is also half irish and italian (my grandfather was in the navy),  and my dad is 100% hispanic.

ask away and i'll answer. 


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