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Sunday, May 30, 2010

My top summer trends.

The sun is shining... and it's going to be 110 degrees soon. Well, at least it will be where I live. That means it's time to put away all of the winter clothes in my closet and dive right into the summer trends.

So, here are a few of my favorites.

(Click the link below for my video on this topic!)

Youtube: Summer Clothing Trends!

1. Jeggings: I cringed the first time someone described these to me. But, as I started seeing them more and more in the states, I realized that they were indeed very cute. I found this pair on the Hollister Co. website for around $49.95. If you're not ready to make that commitment yet, Forever 21 has a few pairs for $12.50+

2. Rompers: I'm the type of person that could live in a bathing suit all summer if I had the option. Unfortunately, I would probably get fired from my job if I showed up to work in a bikini. So, rompers are a great solution because they are light weight and cute for summer. Forever 21 seems to carry the best and cheapest selection of rompers in my opinion. I love this one becauseit has a cute pattern and a little bit of ruffle at the top!

3. Over sized shirts: Also along the lines of being comfy, I think that over sized t-shirts are the way to go. You can either buy them a size up, or get the shirts that are specifically designed to hang off your shoulders. I would pair them up with skinny jeans or shorts. If you need something a bit more professional I would suggest buying solid colored shirts. This way you can tuck them into a high waist skirt or shorts.

4. Summer (bubble) dresses:
I love the way these dresses look. Casual on the top, dressy on the bottom. They look great if your going to the pool, or out to dinner with your boyfriend. I found an example of this dress on AMI clubwear.

5. Strappy (metallic) sandals and Nude Pumps:
I LOVE sandals! For summer, I think that metallic colors like silver, gold and bronze look amazing against tanned skin. They are different from the normal black or brown sandal (don't get me wrong- I love those too!)

Nude pumps are also great for summer and they are very unexpected. You can pair them with skinny jeans or a nice dress. I love this pair from Asos because it has a very chunky and cute style.


  1. I love the shirt that says :I Love Shoes, Bags and Boys :)". ZezaBabez xoxoxo