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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Have a Problem...

Addiction is BAD simply because it means that someone relies heavily on something to maintain their happiness/sanity.  When I think of people who are addicted to thing, I automatically assume that it has to be smoking, alcohol, drugs, porn...or even highly addictive video games.  All "bad" things to be avid users of.  But, no, I am a self professed addict of something that does not really have a bad stigma associated with it.  In fact, a lot of my friends openly know about and aide me in my addiction.  I'm afraid that it's one I will never overcome because I love it SO much and can't seem to get through my day without it.


Addicted by cupcakegel featuring tops

I am addicted to coffee.  You would be too if you worked three jobs and took 15 upper division credit hours a semester!  Sorry, I didn't mean to get defensive there...

Every morning I will wake up and if I don't have to be to school or work immediately, I'll brew a big pot of coffee for the boyfriend and myself.  Then, I'll down 3 cups (NBD, right?)

If I don't have time, then it's all about my race through the Starbucks drive-thru.  (Grande Hazelnut Latte w/Soy Extra Hot or Grade Caramel Macchiato w/Soy Please!)  That line is PACKED in the 9am hour, but being a tiny bit late to wherever I need to be is worth the sweet sweet caffeinated beverage I spend way too much money on.  The guys who work the drive-thru even know exactly how I take my coffee and what form of payment I'm going to use.  Sad, I know.

Now I must reflect and think about WHY I have this problem with needing coffee so badly.  Well, other than the fact that it keeps me going through the day I have to say that it is comforting.  I typically like my coffee hot in the morning, I find cold beverages to be "mid-day" drinks, because somehow they defy my perception of coffee.  Frappuccinos remind of dessert for some reason.  I'm very serious about my coffee.

10" Coffee Addict Inside Vinyl Sticker DecalOther than it making me all warm and snuggly inside, I have to admit to the actual need for coffee.  I get really bad migraines and caffeine is a key ingredient in most migraine medications.  Therefore, I need to be ahead of the game and get my dose of caffeine so the headache never gets to me.  Plus, I find it better to drink coffee than take an Excedrin pill.  But, when I go a day or two without coffee, I do get withdrawals which include craving coffee and those terrible migraines.                       
It's a vicious circle, this addiction.  I don't plan on breaking the habit anytime soon though.  Or at least not until I have to.

Are you addicted to anything quirky?


  1. I'd say I'm addicted to the computer. Maybe not anything particular on it, but I get all figity if I go too long without it.

    I don't think I'm coffee addicted, but I do LOVE it and have been having a bit of a challenging time cutting back.

    Used to be a smoker, but quit over a year ago.

  2. I would say I have a very addictive personality. Luckily I don't like coffee. Strange I know, but I don't even like the smell.
    But I can get addicted to other food, even to the extent that I will continue to eat/crave that certain food for week maybe months. In fact for my lunch at work I ate Tuna & cucumber sandwiches for a year, and if they had sold out before my lunch time, I'd just be confused at what else to eat.
    Enjoying your blog.
    I check it at the beginning of March, but you still only had July's posts, but now you're blogging more frequently, I'm now your new follower.