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Monday, June 13, 2011

Overcoming A Fear...

Just like anyone else, I have many fears in life.  Next Monday I will be facing one of them (and then the next five weeks I hope to overcome plenty of the others).

I have been making YouTube videos for about 2 years and blogging for only about 2-3 months.  Only a handful of people in my real life know about it, and even less faithfully watch/read what I post.  I actually do not mind that people from my "real life" don't follow my online antics.  But, next week, instead of creating a new channel/blog, I will be linking all of my friends and family here to follow my journey in Korea.  

The idea of that is really scary.  I am totally prepared to put a lot of my older videos to the private setting and go through old blog posts to ensure that they are not embarrassing and/or revealing in any way.  I have no idea what I'm really afraid of in this case.  Perhaps I think that people will make fun of me (it has happened before...for no real reason).  I'm always grateful for the people in my life who have been extra supportive (April, little brother, Christina, boyfriend) as well as the wonderful people I have met on the internet AND real life (Clair, Danielle).  

So, right now my main channel has 455 subscribers, my gaming channel has 800 and this lovely blog has a precious 25.  Next week, I hope to welcome some  new lovely, non-judgemental readers and viewers.  

How do you guys feel about sharing blogs, videos, etc with your friends and family?  

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  1. I'm not gonna lie...I take the 'head in the sand' approach. I know that some of my family members read my blog, but I strive only think about the random online people I love reading it.

    Otherwise it wouldn't be genuine and I'd consistently be censoring myself. Thus far, I've only heard about it through the grapevine when someone really likes something I post. They must look the other way when they don't. :-D

  2. I love that quote. I think you should keep the vids/posts though! SO you can look back and read it. Blog for yourself, not other people. Well, you can. But I find it fun to re-read some of my old posts and relive the moments :)

    Lovely Little Rants

  3. At first, I was opposed to blending my blog with my personal life and vice versa. As my blogging progressed, I became more comfortable with the idea. I don't post all of my blog posts to Facebook, but my blog address is on my Facebook page. I do, however, post all of my vlogs to Facebook as well as on my blog. It's a fine line for me.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88