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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Another Trip To The ER...

This time, it was for me.

Last night I had the "pleasure" of spending a few hours in the ER because I was having some chest pains.  It was the first time I have ever had blood drawn and received an IV.  Boy was that an experience... It seems that my veins are very small and hard to find.  The nurse was able to find one in my right arm after a few minutes of poking and prodding.  Everything was great until the X-ray tech came in to take an x-ray of my chest.  On his way out, he stepped on my IV tube, and tripped which ripped the IV right out of my arm.  He stood there in shock.  I was staring at the blood gushing out of my arm because I couldn't comprehend what had just happened.  Needless to say, my nurse was not happy that she had to go on the hunt in my left arm now for a useable vein (this was a longer search than the first).  The poor x-ray tech kept saying sorry... accidents happen, so I had to brush it off.

In the end, I had a white blood cell count that was slightly higher than normal, but the doctor said I should be just fine and that my chest pains are "normal" (?).  Now I get to rock these awesome (?) bruises on my arms for the next week or so.

How's YOUR weekend going so far?


  1. at least you are ok >:D<

  2. Yikes, I can't believe that he tripped and ripped it out! I would have cried!! Hope you're feeling better!