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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bucket List: End of 2011.

This post is inspired by Kelsey over at Eat, Drink, Be a Tourist.  She recently blogged her end of the year bucket list and I thought that it was an amazing idea, so I want to make my own!  I am slowly realizing that this will be my last fall/winter as an undergrad, and I should enjoy this time thoroughly because next year is definitely going to be a different experience.  Here are some things that I hope to achieve before 2011 is over...

1. Go to Disneyland.
2. Date night once a week.
3. Do homemade gifts for extended family/friends this Christmas.
4. Find snow.  Play in it.
5. Figure out Tumblr and use it.
6. Take the plunge and cut my hair.
7. Take my general and subject GRE tests.
8. Apply for graduate school.
9. Buy a blazer jacket.
10. Visit all of my grandparents more often.
11. Get at least an A- in all of my classes this semester.
12. Look into job opportunities/ internships for next summer.
13. Take a road trip to Arizona to visit my best friend and her family.
14. Always have my nails painted and looking pretty. :)
15. Host or Attend an Ugly Sweater Christmas party.
16. Boost my daily 1 mile walks to 2 miles at some point.
17. Make a vlog a day for 30 days straight.
18. Open at Etsy store.
19. Make a new friend.
20. Go on a thrift store adventure and come away with amazing things.
21. Play a board game with the family.
22. Take my little brother to lunch.
23. Write a guest post for another blog.
24. Get a massage.
25. Take more pictures.

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