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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Style Defined.

Last night I got an order from Forever 21 in the mail and it really made me think about how everyone seems to have their own individual style, regardless of what is "trendy" at the moment.  Style is determined by those classic pieces that constantly pop up in your closet because they look good on you and have a certain element that represents personality.

After examining my wardrobe, here is my style, defined.

1. Lace.

I will pretty much buy anything  and everything  lace if I am given the chance.  Shirts, dresses, items accented with it... you name it.  My boyfriend absolutely HATES my love for this material, but I can't help myself.  I am just drawn to the pattern and I don't find anything grandma-like about it!  At this moment, I have 5 lace dresses in my closet and I still think that I need more...

2. Floral Pattern.

I constantly wear floral patterns as dresses or I mix a solid top with floral bottoms (or vice versa).  Unlike polka dots and stripes, I feel that floral prints, done tastefully, are amazing.  They're even really great pieces to layer with to give an outfit a pop.  Again, I am extremely guilty of owning an overwhelming amount of this print...

3. Hair Bows.

While I was in Korea, I would upload pictures everyday.  One day while I was on Skype with my mother, she told me that I should stop wearing bow headbands in all of my pictures because it seemed like I was wearing them every day. 
That's because I was!  It was hot, humid and gross.  Instead of just pulling my hair up in a bun, I would add a bow of some sort as an accessory.  I've always worn bow head bands and am now gradually starting a collection of clip hair bows.  
Wow... I'm suddenly realizing that my wardrobe is starting to sound like something that would belong to a 6 year old girl.

4. Graphic Tee's

THIS is actually one of my "trends" that I'm trying really hard to phase out of my closet (or save for really grungy days).  I am a sucker for cutesy/ironic t-shirts.  Considering that I am turning 24 in less than 20 days, I should seriously stop wearing these.  It's just SO hard to say goodbye to a style I love.  At least I can admit that it's a problem.  I've been considering replacing my graphic tee phase with either sheer solids (which would mean investing in layering tank tops) or blazers that I can throw over the graphic t-shirts to dress them up. 

So, what defines your style?  I'm really interested to see what you guys like to wear on a daily basis... I "tag" the following bloggers:
and everyone else! 

All images/items are courtesy of Forever21


  1. You're so much more stylish than I am. Although I see nothing wrong with graphic tees. =)

  2. Eeee!!! I can't wait to do this, THANK YOU!!!

  3. There is nothing wrong with graphic tees, I agree with Clair! I LOVE them!!!

    I played along: http://lariatsandlavender.blogspot.com/2011/09/define-your-style.html

  4. This post was fun! I played along too :)

  5. Cute post! I like your idea to wear your graphic t's with blazers, etc. instead of phasing out a style you love. I am a sucker for graphic t's as well but after a few wears mine usually just make it to my lazy day/PJ drawer. I will have to try dressing them up :). Great blog, following!