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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dear Diary: July 1, 2002

Monday 9:47 AM
July 1, 2002

Did you know high school is hard?  I've got a lot of planning to do.

  1. Take my PSAT or PLAN to test sophomore year= $7.95
  2. Call (***) 892-2320 to volunteer (put hours in envelope)
  3. Plan out the rest of my high school
  4. Check out UN**
  5. Take driver's ed in fall
  6. 15 1/2... get a job!
  7. Open a savings account
Yesterday was a long day!  We went to church, then we went to go see the new house.  But, only the outside of it (I guess we're not allowed inside yet!)  I can't wait to start moving!  I've got so many things I wanna throw away and get rid of.  

Anyway, then we went to the library, and the mountains.  Afterwards, we had to go to dad's mom's house.  Long day!

I wanna go on the phone, but I can't cuz we're waiting for a call. 

G2G- XOXO Angel <3

I was 14 when I wrote this entry and I'm so glad I kept much of my high school years documented.  (Believe me... the entries become angsty and boy crazy once I hit 15.)  I wish I would have continued writing in a journal for my 18-23 years.  I've started trying to write again, but apparently I had far more time as a teen to scribble in a notebook.  

Isn't it funny that I could not use the phone because we were waiting on a call??  Land lines and NO call waiting made me one sad girl.  Haha!

Check back for more Dear Diary posts in the near future.

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  1. Such a cute post. Love your blog. Also I must say, I love the pattern in the background of the entire blog. It is awesome.