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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nook Obsession

 Barnes and Noble NOOK eBook Reader (WiFi only) [ Black & White ]

Today I should be finishing up a lot of homework for the upcoming week.  Sadly, today is also the last day of Spring Break.  But, it's still cloudy out and I just downloaded about 65 new books on my Nook.  Last night I completed "The Hunger Games"- if you have not read it yet, YOU MUST!  Now all I can think about is reading the last two books in the trilogy (which I have on my Nook).  Ugh.. I hate how lethargic rainy, cloudy days make me.  So, should I procrastinate and just give in to my laziness?  Or should I work on my assignments?  I think that we all know what's going to happen... I may as well just give in to the "dark side".

I also really want some Panda Express.... yumm...

A nap sounds nice too...  decisions decisions.  Who am I kidding?


  1. That's how I feel today too. I indulged my desire for coffee and Panera Bread and I've been slowly doing some chores and catching up on phone calls. I still have loads to do, but don't know if I'm going to make it.

  2. Also, I gave you a shout out on my blog today, hopefully more people will wander over this way. :-D

  3. OMG this looks absolutely delish an is making me very hungry!