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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wednesday Wishes.4

Good evening... I don't know about you, but I am extra sleepy tonight.

Before I slip off into dreamland, here are my Wednesday Wishes for the week...

1. I would love to have a ton of new tank tops to wear this summer while in Korea.  Ones that are modest (because I think that is important to their culture), but cute at the same time.

2. A new kitten.  After spending this past weekend surrounded by the most adorable baby kittens I want one so bad!  (I still love my Awesomo with all my heart though!)  The boyfriend said no to this request.  What a meanie.  Well, actually he said, "Not right now."  But, I still don't like that answer. 

3. Lemon Cake.  I'm going to make some tomorrow. <3

4. Most of all, I am wishing that I will learn to have the mental strength I will need while in Korea because I am already starting to think about how sad and homesick I am going to be.  I don't even leave for another four weeks!  If anyone has tips, do share, please. 

Be sure to check out my previous post to see what I've been up to this past week.  

Do you have any Wednesday Wishes?  Let me know if you made a post so I can check it out and don't forget to link up at...

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  1. That tank top is so dang cute! :)

  2. I'll have some lemon cake please :)

  3. YES! I want a kitten too - but my parents say no (and even though I only live with them three months a year, it sucks that I still have to listen) I'm tempted to 'find one on the side of the road' - because how could you say no to something like that?!