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Friday, August 5, 2011

5 Weeks Of My Life.

One month and one week of my life was spent in Korea this summer and I am still undecided as to whether the time flew by or actually felt like a long time away from home.
So many things happened while I was in Korea and I took over 1,000 photos.  Unfortunately, I can't put all of those here on my blog... so, here are a few of my most memorable (but not all) moments from my time in Korea.

The best mushrooms I have ever eaten in my life!
Our first adventure as a group in Nowan District. 
Reading to the 2nd graders.

2nd grade class.
Ariella and I shopping in Dongdaemun. 
Dinner with my first host family.
My first host mom's nephews. 

After volunteering at the Silver Senior Center.
An underground flower market in Namdemun. 

Bathroom in the Bean Pole.

6th graders.
Me with my first host mom. 

Starbucks.  Mmm. 
With part of my second host family at the National Museum of Korea.
Squatty Potty!
Sometimes the subway gets PACKED. 

I'm just a crazy cat lady. 

The Hello Kitty Cafe!

My Hello Kitty coffee. 

Going to see Harry Potter with my host sisters. 
Temple stay.. misery, but we still smiled.  Kind of. 

Trying the candy they make on the street out of honey and corn starch. 

Patbingsu... heaven on earth.

With Alex and some of the students.

Playing "Quidditch" on our last day of teaching!

Sunset in Seoul. 

Second host family. 
Dr. Fish in Myeongdong. =] 

Science Festival. 
Eating Vietnamese food with my host family. 
Trick Eye museum. 

Palace with Trey. 
Err... can't remember where this was at. 
With Ariella's first host sister.  She is adorable. 

At Korea University. 

It took multiple attempts to get this shot! 

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