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Monday, August 29, 2011

monday blues.

I don't like Mondays anymore for the blatant fact that I have to get up early and spend 5 hours (8 hours total at school) in class.  So, I'm trying to think of a few things that will cheer me up when it comes to the start of the week...

Starbucks Adventure.  My addiction to coffee might as well be fun.  Every Monday, I'm going to go beyond my normal "hazelnut latte with soy, extra hot" and pick something new on the menu. 

The three hour window between my morning and afternoon class provides the perfect opportunity to get together with old, new and current friends for some "brunch".  

My college is located in the town that I grew up in, but no longer live in.  I drive about 21 miles each way to get there.  It has since grown by leaps and bounds and now has new shops for me to discover.  Since I am forced to stay on that side of town practically all day on Mondays only, it's the perfect day to venture out and find something new. 

Last of all, Mondays can be my "dress cute" days.  This is going to be the most challenging out of these all since I tend to aim for more sleep which gives me less time to get ready in the morning.  But, I'll give it a shot since days seem to be brighter when I feel confident about how I look. 

Images courtesy of Pinterest. 


  1. Good outlook. =) Especially considering how damn hot it's been. Grrrr.

  2. I CANNOT wait for it to cool off. But, it won't be for a few weeks. =[

  3. so YUMS!! love it :)