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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What's In My School Bag/Organization- College Edition.

Yesterday was my first day back to school.  I was actually pretty excited on Sunday night as I sat with all of my friends in the backyard, next to the fire pit while we drank soju and beer and ate hot dogs, burgers and cheesecake.  This summer was AMAZING... and I was SO ready for an even better fall semester.

Fast forward to 6am, Monday morning.  The harsh, cold reality of my alarm clock sliced into my perfect vision of what the next few months will actually be like.

Have I mentioned that I'm not exactly a morning person?  I mean... I'll wake up early if I have to.  But, I won't be happy about it.  I'm more of a 9-10am kind of girl.

One thing that I am still excited about though would have to be back to school organization and picking out clothes to wear to school.  I have yet to begin my fall clothing shopping, but be sure that it will come soon.  For now, my summer attire will do since a heat wave is expected in my city starting tomorrow.

As far as my game plan for staying organized this semester, I am all set.  Here are a few things that I do to keep myself in check when it comes to books, binders, planning and more...

Yes, I know the quality of this video is not great because I filmed at night.

1 comment:

  1. It is disgustingly hot out...I'm not a fan.

    I also don't do so well in the mornings. I'm working mornings 4/5 days a week now...and it's so hard. I'm about to fall into a coma right now.

    I hope school is mind-blowingly awesome this semester for you!