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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday Wishes.5 (Korea Edition)

Here are a few things that I am missing about Korea right now...

1. Patbingsu!  Sweet red beans, delicious fruits, shaved ice and ice cream all mixed together. The best summer treat EVER.  I'm still working on trying to recreate this dessert at home, but the red beans are a bit difficult to hunt down!

2. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream (Shade 21).  I bought 2 bottles of this while I was in Korea based on my first host brother's friend's recommendation.  I'm already almost through the first bottle and I'm already sad thinking about the day that I will run out of it completely.  At first I thought that BB cream was just some big hype over nothing, but it is seriously the best foundation/tinted moisturizer I have ever used.  I only need minimum coverage, so I'm not sure if it will work for everyone else... but for those who just need something light (with MAJOR SPF protection), this is perfect. 

3. Dduk Bok Ki.  Yummy Korean rice cakes that can be incorporated into different meals. Stir fry, soups, etc.  I especially like the slightly crispy kind as opposed to the entirely chewy rice cakes.  I seriously wish that these would become a staple in America, because I want some SO bad!

4. Last of all, I really wish that I could visit the Bean Pole again!  I cannot even tell you how many times my friend Ariella and I stopped at that store and climbed the stairs 5 floors up to the coffee shop, just to get some really good (and cheap) coffee + wi-fi!  We could not use our phones in Korea, so we relied on unlocked wi-fi wherever we went.  Most wi-fi is locked, but on our last week we discovered that the password to a lot of public wi-fi is simply "1234567890".  Duh.  Anyway, the Bean Pole is a high end clothing/accessories store and reminds me of A&F meets Ralph Lauren.  That coffee shop will always have a special place in my heart!

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