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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Everything Tastes As Good...

I beg to differ, Miss. Moss.  Here are some things I could never live without (and are totally worth getting "fat" for)!

Cheesecake.  The good kind.  Not the cheapie stuff you can get at the grocery store.

Steak (medium) and Red Wine.  Birthday dinner winner right there... 

Grilled Cheese.  My grandma still makes the best I've ever had to this day.  And she's Asian.  
I'm not sure if that matters but... 

Donuts.  Meal or dessert?  Both, I think.

Chicken Alfredo Pasta.  Delicious!

Starbucks Frappuccinos.  I think it's the whipped cream that pulls me in. 

French Bread Pizza (plus ranch).  I could live off of these things.  

Sorry, I've just been thinking a lot about food lately and all of the delicious things I plan on eating for my upcoming birthday and our trip to California next month.  AND THEN, the holiday season is right around the corner (I am dreaming about all of the goodies I plan on baking).  I also can't believe that I eat this horribly on a daily basis... which really makes me think that I should start eating healthier.  

Anyway, what foods can you guys not live without?  


  1. Mac 'n' Cheese. I <3 Mac 'n' cheese. Red wine, beer, a good brownie every now and again. Tacos, pasta in general.

  2. Yeah, I'll have to agree with ALL of those as well. Any food in general to me, except for sea food, is amazing!