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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Freeee, free at last!

sort of!

At 3:45pm today I finished my grueling (5 hour long) Modern Chinese History take home final.
This means that the Fall 2011 semester has come to a finish... and winter term starts next week.

I'm only taking one class over break.  I needed another upper div. elective to graduate in May.
Hopefully it's not too intense.

Oh and today I received my ornament from the swap that happened over at Mackey Madness.  My lovely swap partner is Liz and she sent me these cuties here:

Yeah, she is pretty awesome.  You should go follow her blog. :)

I feel so bad since I have literally been in bed since Sunday... only emerging for finals and food.  This cold weather has given me the worst cold EVER.  I still need to ship her ornaments and am reconsidering getting different ones for her because the ones she sent me are just so awesome and well... ME!

We'll see what I decide...

I hope everyone is having a wonderful winter, pre-holiday week.

Stay warm!


  1. I love how everyone is getting such personalized ornaments! The cupcakes are adorable! And I've had this cold thing on and off for the past couple weeks and I'm so ready to be all the way well! Hope yours passes quickly, too!

    Thanks so much for participating in our swap! :)

  2. Wooohoo!!! Done!!! I am sooo glad you like them!!! I love the speedboat!!! It is perfect!!