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Friday, December 2, 2011

one tree hill.

holy addiction.
in between papers, my internship, work, classes and life...
i've been utterly obsessed with one tree hill.
i've watched 4 entire seasons in less than two weeks.
(if you watch the show then you know those seasons are about 22 episodes each)
so good.
i cannot wait for finals to end so i can indulge in chad michael murray/james lafferty
all day, every day. :)

p.s. brooke is my favorite character so far.  who is yours?

Image Courtesy of Pinterest.


  1. Peyton.....I miss her so much
    Sucks only Lucas is gonna make only one guest appearance...Ugh
    It would've been so cute to see Lucas, Peyton, and their baby Sawyer...;)
    Seriously....but I'm thankful at least Lucas is gonna be shown again...with long hair...AHHHH! :)
    Anywho, Peyton is my favorite female, Lucas is my favorite male, and Leyton is my favorite super couple of all time!!!
    As for the newer seasons without them, definitely Haley and Nathan.


    Peyton and Lucas
    Haley and Nathan
    Millie and Mouth
    Brooke and Julian
    Mia and Chase (dislike Alex with him)
    Lauren and Skills
    Karen and Keith

    What are your favorite couples Angelica (and anyone)?


  2. Brooke is defnitely my favorite character on the show. Favorite couple would have to be Haley and Nathan. Unfortunately, Peyton really annoyed me the first couple of seasons, but I started to like her in her last season on the show.