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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dear Diary: January 11, 2003

Saturday 8:21 PM
January 11, 2003

Hey!  I spent most of today doing homework.  Ugh.  And I am not even close to finished.  It sucks.  
I can't wait until school on Monday.  I'm staying after school on Monday and Tuesday for music production to work on the dance for my midterm.  
Oh, about %^&*- I like him for his awesome personality!  He is incredibly cool & nice & we can actually talk.  *a*i* and I could never just talk.  I'm sure %^&* and I could go on for a bit!  LOL.  Just talking about stupid stuff.  Well, G2G try and do more homework.

XOXO- Angel

I'm not sure I remember feeling this way about %^&* because it seems far too deep for my shallow 15 year old self.  Interestingly enough, although the relationship did not work out- what I wrote about this guy holds true to this day.  Regardless of every ounce of drama, we've always had many riveting conversations about "stuff" (both stupid and non).

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