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Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to...

4 years old. 

6 years old.
Yes, I am one of those people who likes to celebrate their cats' birthdays.  They are like my babies for now and I love them to death.  We are not certain when Nijel (the orange one) was born, because we adopted him from a shelter six years ago when he was just a few weeks old.  Awesomo (black and white) was actually the only male cat out of a litter from a gorgeous calico stray we rescued a little over four years ago.  She was pregnant when we found her and about six weeks later she had five of the cutest kittens.  Unfortunately, we could only keep one and ended up giving the mama cat and her babies to some friends.  I can't quite remember the date Awesomo was born on (shame on me!), but I do know that it was near Easter weekend.  In fact, most kittens are born around this time.  So, we celebrate both of their birthdays at the same time... on a random day in mid-April because it seems to make the most sense.

We celebrate by buying them snacks, toys and cans of fancy cat food.  They love it!  

Happy Birthday to my Baby Cats!

Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this...?  

P.S. I just found out that Nijel's old best friend Carson (who belonged to Nick's best friend) was killed recently. =[  


  1. hahah yess! I love your kitty birthday celebration! :) Just found your blog..your adorable and so funny! I love it!

  2. Poor Carson. =(

    I'm not so good at remembering our kittys' birthdays, however we do tend to pamper them around Christmas. I almost always buy them one of those bags of christmas colored cat toys and what not.