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Sunday, January 15, 2012

some thoughts.

i really want to plan an amazing vacation for nick and i to so-cal in april or may.
when it comes to planning vacations, i get obsessed with the details.
disneyland, the beach and sushi are all at the top of my list for this "epic" trip.

i also really want to vlog every day of this spring semester until i graduate college.
which would mean vlogging from 1/17-5/7.
i'm not sure i can do it with my hectic schedule... but i really want to try to capture the memories.

my winter class is over!
this means i have two entire days to do what i want (as well as get stuff together for spring classes).

my sleep schedule is completely off these days- which is awful since i have morning class 3x's a week!  i go to sleep a little after 1am and wake up around 11am if i don't have to work!
... just call me a bum, i don't mind.

tiny tower rules my life. 
no really... both nick and i will laze around in bed "stocking" our businesses and ensuring our that our bitizens are happy.

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